October 19, 2017

Our Rooms

“My head is killing me.”

You’ve woken up in a strange place with a bloody head-wound, and with no memory of your surroundings at all. This old factory is eerie–rusting metal, water-streaked walls, and locked doors everywhere you look–and totally empty. Then you spot a “Notice of Demolition” sign, with the explosion set for 60 minutes from now! Has everyone already been evacuated…except for you? There’s no time to waste: can you follow a series of cryptic clues in order to regain your memory, and escape before it’s too late?







It’s 1928, and the height of the Roaring Twenties in Monte Carlo, one of the world’s most luxurious and wealthy cities, where fortunes are made and lost every day. But this casino seems to be bankrupting every customer that comes through the door, and you’ve heard a rumor that the casino has rigged their games to ensure that the House wins, every time….With a bit of help from an employee on the inside, you have devised a strategy to outwit the casino, break into their vault, and steal back the cash. But you have to work quickly: your accomplice is due for a shift-change in 60 minutes!

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